Monthly Archives: November 2014

Opening the doors to new avenues of communication

open door

As we open the door to the new office of the National Watermelon Association in Lakeland, we are also opening new avenues in communication with you, our members. Our website (  and the Vineline magazine have been the official vehicles for our communication in the past, but in the coming months we hope to engage you in conversation with us on several other social media sites.

This WordPress blog will provide us with a means of informing you regularly of those issues that affect your business and your industry. We will include you in conversations we have with elected officials, alert you to the latest legislation regarding issues that affect watermelon production and distribution, and inform you of the latest developments in production research and disease prevention and discovery.

Our presence on Facebook will provide you with an opportunity to communicate with us and with other Association members. The Twitter account will alert you to breaking news as well as facilitate activities at our National Convention in La Quinta, California in February. (By the way, you won’t want to miss that fabulous event. We are working to make sure that it is the best convention yet! Online registration is live on our website!)

We look forward to having a presence on Instagram by February as well. This will give us all the opportunity to see the professional photos taken throughout the convention on a daily basis!

As you can see, we are busy opening many new doors. Nevertheless, the traditional programs we treasure will remain and perhaps even grow stronger than ever. Our chapter Queens will have the opportunity on Instagram to share photos and experiences from some of the highlights of their year.

So, take a deep breath with me and welcome in the breeze that the new year has in store for us all at the National Watermelon Association.

Nicole Schrader

Team Member, Lakeland, Florida