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The Outstanding Service Award goes to … Greg Leger of Leger & Son, Inc. greg leger

At our annual convention we recognize members who have served the Association and its members with devotion, diligence, and enthusiasm. This year the award went to Greg Leger.

Greg grew up on the family farm which has become one of the leading growers and shippers of watermelon in the southeast. As the President of the company, Greg is committed to the continued excellence and growth of Leger & Son, Inc. This is evidenced in the mentoring relationships he has with his employees. He engages and involves them in every aspect of the business.

Jordan Carter, sales and marketing associate at Leger & Son, Inc, shares the following about Greg.

I will start by saying that he is an inspiration to me and my fellow co-workers because of his dedication to this business and his determination to prosper and grow.  Greg is a believer in what he’s selling and his passion for the watermelon industry is incredible and immense.  If you took a look at his schedule, you would see just how involved and committed he is to making a difference in agriculture altogether.  He takes pride in his work and his employees.  He makes us proud to be a part of Leger & Son for many reasons but mostly because he always does what’s right and true.  It reminds us that honesty, goodness, and a whole lot of hard work are the key to success. 

 He once told me, ‘I may talk a little slower than others, but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep up.’ I would say, he maintains pretty good by proving to us that he’s a front-runner in this industry year after year.     

Greg Leger’s commitment also extends to the success and future of the National Watermelon Association as well as the industry. He is a significant participant in leadership on the executive council, the nominating committee, and he is the Chair of the public affairs committee. He also is on the auction load, budget, promotions, research, NWPB liaison, and food safety committees.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Greg Leger for his contributions and faithful service to the National Watermelon Association. Congratulations and thank you.


Feed A Bee


A world without the bees would be a world without watermelon. According to Albert Einstein more than watermelon is at stake if the bee population should disappear, he said that ‘if the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left.’

Jim Blome, CEO of Bayer Crop Science of North America, doesn’t worry about the bee population disappearing from the surface of the globe, but he is concerned about their reduced habitat and decreasing food supply. This is especially a concern as the world population is expected to grow to over 9 million people requiring the production of 70% more food by the year 2050. According to a news release from Bayer Crop Science, bees are considered to be the world’s most heavily traveled livestock. ‘Bees are transported to pollinate crops where resources are challenged to sustain large bee populations. Bees are working harder and need more food and more food diversity.’

Bayer Crop Science has come up with a solution – the Feed A Bee initiative. Through the Feed a Bee program, Bayer is giving out free packets wildflower seeds, in an effort to encourage people across the nation to plant and grow wildflowers, resulting in greater bee forage areas.

More bees will also mean more watermelon, which brings us home to the National Watermelon Association. We would like to encourage you, our members, to join the effort and feed a bee. To obtain your free packet of 200 wildflower seeds, go to and request yours today.