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#nwafuturisticfridays – Future Facets of Facebook

fansFacebook Facts* – in 20 minutes:

1,851,000 status updates are shared on Facebook

2,716,000 photos are uploaded

1,323,000 photos are tagged

1.972 million friend requests are accepted

10.2 million comments are posted

2,716,000 messages are sent

1,587,000 wall posts are written

The number of people who are on Facebook make up 1/13 of the earth’s population, and yet there are businesses and associations that have not embraced this social platform. Perhaps the social aspect of the site and the potential of time mismanagement are at the core of their apprehension. Yet there is research to suggest that social tools, like Salesforce’s Chatter, Microsoft’s Yammer, IBM’s Connections, and LinkedIn have actually improved productivity in the workplace. Nucleus Research found that users of Salesforce’s Chatter actually saw a 12.5 % increase in productivity because their employees send fewer emails and had accelerated access to work information.

Facebook has created a business-oriented version of their site and is testing that site right now – it’s called ‘Facebook at Work.’ One hundred companies are participating in the trials. Facebook hopes the site will stimulate collaboration rather than idleness. It is their belief that workers are better equipped to do their jobs when they have better information and that information can be gathered rapidly and effectively when it is done collectively.

Branding a business, encouraging engagement, embracing new members, and marketing a product or service, are just some of the benefits companies have experienced by incorporating social media sites as a part of their marketing strategy. Yet over 35% of employers worldwide prohibit access to Facebook in the workplace. Facebook at Work is meant to be used solely within a company amongst co-workers. Perhaps this knowledge will curb inappropriate posting and remove the stigma of Facebook at work.

“Everything is based on the value and feeling of being connected, which in the workplace results in a more productive environment.” stated Julien Codorniou, Facebook’s director of global platform partnerships and overseer of Facebook at Work in an article on TheLedger.com.

“It’s built a community feel within the company in a pretty short time that I don’t feel that we had before,” said the vice president of Stella & Dot, one of the companies testing the new version. Besides the ‘community feel,’ the trials are reporting: faster decision-making, recognition in real-time for accomplishments, project update sharing, quicker information gathering, and familiarization of co-workers in other offices.

Heineken USA tested the site and is now extending the option to more than 500 employees. “We were looking for an interactive space for our employees to share and reconnect. We really liked the fact separated people’s personal Facebook account and they had a designated ‘at work’ account,” said Heineken’s employee communications manager, Jacqueline Leahy.

Whether your company decides to incorporate social media in the workplace will not stem the tide, it’s coming whether you choose to embrace it or not – utilize it or not. So my advice to you is, go ahead, wade into the waters.


Nicole Schrader

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