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Member Monday: Nunhems USA Helps Growers Become Members

Watermelon farmers are the lifeblood of the National Watermelon Association.  Without their dedication to the soil there would not be a need for the Association.  Thankfully though, there are those that have the diligence and the fortitude to urge little sprouts to grow into the developed vines that bear us so much fruit.

That being said, it is imperative that we draw more growers into our Association so that we can share with them all the tools that we have to offer.  With new laws, disease pressures and other adversities, the National Watermelon Association can and does help growers face them with their best foot forward.

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Bayer Vegetable Seeds (Nunhems) understands how important growers are, that’s why they have chosen to fund first year membership to eligible watermelon farmers who aren’t members of our great association yet. By partnering with the Association, Bayer is opening the door to this possibility for growers.  Having the ability to show growers that we are there for them will be beneficial for all in the long run.

We would like to officially welcome four new grower members who have taken advantage of this unique opportunity. Gary Cecil from Owensboro Kentucky has joined the Illiana watermelon Association. Greg Wright from Byers, Colorado, and Gerardo Alberto Flores Cavazos from Mexico have both joined the Texas Watermelon Association. Galen Crawford from Ontario, Oregon is now a member of the Western Watermelon Association. We are thankful that these watermelon growers and their family businesses have joined our watermelon family and will begin to benefit from the member services that the Association offers to them, all through the work and support from Bayer Vegetable Seeds (Nunhems) generosity.

Members:  If you know of a watermelon grower that is NOT a member of our association, please share this opportunity with them. The more members that we have, the stronger that we will become as individuals and as an association. When we are stronger, we can do more to help our members and the National Watermelon Association.